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Default Rumor: Universal Next Studio to go all Blu-ray

Note: this is a RUMOR not confirmed fact.

I have heard the next studio to go to the Blu-ray camp is Universal. I also know the Microsoft and HD DVD camp players are digging in their heels the best they can to keep what market share they currently have. I was told not to be shocked if this move went down sooner than later.

Lesser sources say, they could target Fox to woo them over to the HD DVD camp but it seems pretty common information that the going price is $500,000,000 and my sources inside Microsoft say the Seattle software giant is unlike to pay that.

HD DVD can not afford to lose to many more battles and they know it. Universal could be the end of them for good leaving them needing to do a deal with Sony to get in on the Blu-ray party as best they can (assuming Sony would have them - which they will).

My guess is things will stay the way they are and that Universal will stay with HD DVD.

What say you - enthusiasts of all things HD!!! ????
Jerry Del Colliano
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