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Default I wouldn't say "Dead"!

I saw Mark Fischer at a party at CES. He and I go back for years and while The Perfect Vision isn't dead - it is being morphed into a music magazine which will be its own challenge considering how hard it is to get labels to spend to promote their music (trust me I know as I have tried - they expect everything for free)

Audiophile publications, although small in overall audited readerships (Sterophile at like 72k and TAS at 22k audited if I am not mistaken) are seeing spikes in popularity. I think this is a) because over-seas markets are powering sales because of the weak dollar and b) Baby Boomers are getting retirement money (long ago tied up) to play with as they age past 60 and 65. Many of these Boomers still dream of owning that Audio Research or Krell amp.

In the AV publishing space the booming publications are online yet the online pubs ( included) struggle to create enough inventory to fill the ad orders from the big ad agencies. Unlike print, you can't just insert 4 more printed pages into an online mag. You actually need to have the eyeballs. With Google ad words like "loudspeaker" (thanks Gallo) costing over $1.00 per click - its not easy or cheap to find new readers but clearly people are looking for online readers with their spends.

Home theater is still a popular category but the consolidation of the industry has many once consumer friendly brands now looking more to the dealer chain as how they promote their product. Consumer demand still rules. Installers can "push" product but in NOW WAY matching when consumers are beating down the door for something innovative and hot.

Business to Business publications also are popular in the AV space. They have small readerships but are getting the spends because AV companies once again are looking to cut the consumer out of the decision more and more. Supposedly, you are just going to take the advice of an installer. For some, that is perfectly fine. For those reading a forum or getting informed - you will look to the Internet for the real deal on the best in AV.

Thus is the state of AV publishing.

Jerry Del Colliano
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