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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
If that was my weakest point against the title of this thread, then so be it.
The Warner decision has mortally wounded HD-DVD.
Threads like this splashed on the front page of a popular HT website IMO are misleading the public to think otherwise.

Has anyone seen the latest Nielsen sales numbers yet?
Or are they too "old news"?
In all fairness, the 85:15 week also had an Amazon sale for Blu-ray and the new release “day and dates” were also heavily in Blu-ray’s favor. There were a lot of things going against HD DVD that week, in addition to the Warner announcement. I look on Amazon today and I see two HD DVD players ranked before any Blu-ray players and I also see Planet Earth HD DVD creeping back up to pre Warner announcement levels.

But that’s all beside the point. If you read the original posting, Jerry was not implying the war is still anyone’s game under current conditions. He was saying there are still moves to be made and until those moves are made, this thing is not over.

If next week we learn that two more studios are going to start supporting HD DVD, then not only are they back in the game, but HD DVD (with $150 players) might actually be the favorite to win the format war. Things can change that quickly. You can bet the HD DVD companies are doing whatever they can for studio support, let’s see what happens…
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