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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by richard1976 View Post
hd and blu_ray are fighting for a market that might not possibly be around in the next couple of year because of downloadable content, but just remember there are some of us that appreciate the quality of 1080p picture and lossless sound. just because some of us can get by on the mediocre doesn't mean that it's the general standard accepted by everyone. It seems that we live in a time that just viewing a movie is good enough regardles of how it's showing , take downloading the latest blockbuster from bitcomet recorded using a camcorder for instance.
Quality.Quality.Quality, thats all i'm interested in, I don't want near dvd quality when i can have dvd quality, I don't want near hi def quality when i can have hi def quality. I'm sure you wouldn't buy a car that can get you 3/4 the way to work so you can walk the rest.

Welcome to!

Downloadable video is here and its big business. Look at Apple's stock price. Its not all laptops and iPods. They sell music and movies too. More movies than HD DVD and Blu-ray say some sources.

The problem IS - Apple doesn't care about high resolution anything. 120,000,000 iPods sold and they are claiming 1/4 CD resolution audio is somehow "HD" and only SOME of their tracks have that level of resolution. Ease of use is the name of the game and mainstream consumers EAT IT UP and that is what you should be afraid of.

HD DVD and Blu-ray offer a high-end, HD experience NOW. Early adopters need to embrace them now and make them a success or people like you and I who LOVE HD will be left out in the COLD with HD download movies just like we were with DVD-Audio and SACD. Trust me, when bandwidth is the issue - picture quality will suffer on a downloaded movie. Yes - it might be easy for people to download but when you want the best - a download won't be that until there is a MAJOR increase in bandwidth on the Internet.
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