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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post
I inherited a pair of Klipsch K-horns that turned 30 years old in the same year that the company produced the 60th anniversary edition, in the forward left and right positions. I wish I had a LaScala in the center and another pair of K-horns in the rear. I'd need to do a bit of surgery on my room to create another set of corners though.

These present a real challenge, as I have to attenuate the amp output by over 10dB on their challenge to get them to balance with my other speakers, but they sure are fun.
That's hot! You can find Lascala's for sale cheap on audiogon. I just missed a pair locally (I had a pair of Heresy's sitting around and thought about building a HT around Lascalas and a heresy at the center but space became a problem so I sold the Heresy's on ebay). That would be one powerful system. I fell in love with the LaScala's when I heard them in Rota Spain - I'll never forget the day - I was listening to "Thunder Rolls" and I'm not a country fan! I was highly impressed. Glad to hear from you!
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