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Default Re: PS3 Conspiracy theory

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Look at the top gaming PC's, they cost upwards of $5000 for the fastest processors with the best graphics cards & their video isn't much better than the PS3's.
A $5,000 PC will have 2k resolution gaming and totally blow away the PS3 in Graphics. It's not even close!

Take Folding@Home as an example, it uses all of the PS3's computing power & does so without melting the PS3 (There is a reason there is no Folding@Home option on the Xbox!)
Too bad that ability to fold doesn't result in the ability to make better AI games, etc. than the 360. All it can do is provide a better physics environment (which is cool).

The PS3 isn't as special as many make it out to be.
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