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Smile The High Definition Video War is OVER: Apple iTunes is the Winner!

Just got this in an email from Apple:

"Your favorite Hollywood movies are now available to rent from the iTunes Store—just $3.99 for new releases and $2.99 for library titles. Sit back and enjoy the show on your computer, or transfer movies to your iPod or iPhone and watch on the go. Learn more . . ."

Why does anyone even care about physical media anymore, particularly Blue-Ray or HD-DVD?

The "mass market" embraced iTunes with their lower bit-rate and the mass market will embrace Apple's (and their competitors) movie downloads - They didn't need high-rez audio and they sure as hell don't care about high-rez video.

Yes, there are some of us with 60"+ screens who can see the difference between 1080p and 720p, but what most of you, including Jerry need to realize, is that we are not the mass market for the content provider's products: The mass market, who is content to download movies is where the $$$ are for the content owners, and this is where we are all going, no matter what any of you think or how any of you feel about it.

So grow up and accept this new paradigm shift. Time moves on and unnecessary formats die, like Blue-Ray and HD-DVD.

Personally, I think regular DVD's will still be around for a while, just like Redbook CDs, but many of those below the age of 30 will migrate to home video servers to go along with their home audio servers. YMMV, of course, but if it does, you are probably over 50!

And I'm not insensitive to older technology: I have over 22,000 vinyl LP's in my collection and I REALLY DO prefer their sound to that of CD's, even CD's played through the most expensive of CD players.

PS - Message to Sony: If you really spent what some say you spent to get Hollywood studios to drop HD-DVD and adapt Blue-Ray, well, it's time for your Board of Directors to give the boot to Howard Stringer for being a real IDIOT!
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