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Default Re: PS3 Conspiracy theory

Well, I think for the normal consumer, someone who can't afford to have multiple BR players around the house, that the PS3 will ultimately be the most attractive offer, given it's additional functionality, and the ease of updating it. Now, I do hear alot of people saying that standalone players can't be upgraded....but isn't it just that it's not as easy to upgrade? IE, have to burn something to disc, or a thumb drive or whatever? Right? Either way, when the cost of BR parts/production go down, the standalones HAVE to drop their price, because you know that Sony's more than likely going to be looking to chop the price on the PS3 again, as soon as possible, and hopefully before the avalanche of exclusives that is 2008, hits.

It's going to be interesting to see...but as you can already tell by sales #'s and the word from Sony that the PS3 constitutes a major chunk of BR software sales (non-games). I highly doubt it will change _that_ much over time...I just think it's additional functionality makes it to be what Sony always wanted...the all-in-one gadget for your living room.

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