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Default Re: The Perfect Vision is dead!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I like TAS, more so than Stereophile which sometimes seems way to far out there. I didn't check out TPV that closely this month, will have to look for that but not surprised, I haven't liked the changing focus of the mag towards general gadgetry.
Alas, as a HTPC'r I have to agree with you. I love PC's but I also love speakers and amps. I get annoyed by gadgets (remotes, ipods, and the like) in a traditional two channel magazine. They have their rightful place - but when I pick up TAS or Stereophile (which has changed dramtically in the past 5 years) - I expect to see state of the art two channel stuff that I can only dream about. Or a breakthrough two channel product (like the Radio Shack true dipole Linaeum speakers some years ago) that I can actually afford and find.
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