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Default Re: CES Trade Show Disappoints On All Fronts

My Wife and I have the advantage of living here in Vegas. So we were able to drive our own truck each day. But not all was good, we made the mistake of leaving at 6pm from the Venetian on Monday, it took an hour just to get out of the parking structure.

We planned out each day carefully though.

On Monday we hit the Venetian (ballrooms first, then tower). We were disappointed to see that Def Tech had been squeezed into the tower, instead of having a larger area at LVCC last year. At least they had one of the larger tower rooms. Some high-end mfg should have been ****ed at the accomodations. There were several others that had to try to show off their systems in small tower rooms. Last year we were blown away with King's Audio Emperor electrostatic speakers in an appropriatly sized Venetian ballroom, and this year they had to try and get decent sound from their electrostatics stuffed into a tower room (2 rooms actually).

But then again we were glad that MBL got a ballroom for their $180k 101 X-treme System. Last year they were stuffed into a tower room, and the 101E's just didn't impress me in such a small area (maybe it was the 40+ people stuffed into the room also trying to get their eardrum somewhat in a straight line to the speakers to hear them). This year we checked them out early, and went across the hall to look at another mfg, then as we were leaving that room we heard Nine Inch Nails being jammed, so we went out to find where. It was in the MBL room! We ran over to get in as everyone else was also. And I have to tell you, NIN never sounded so good coming out of a $180k set of speakers. That right there made CES worthwhile. At least Monday.

Tuesday our plans were ruined by being called into work. So that means we had to cover 3 days of LVCC in just 2 days.

Wednesday we started in the North Hall, checking out all the cars. We even talked Chip Foose into doing the "shocker" for a pic. We ended the day by trolling the central hall.

Thursday was going to be busy, having to cover all 4 of the South Halls. But somehow we did. Of course Dolby was already out of their demo DVD's, but I got one from THX (last year they were out of them). I have an email out to Dolby to get one.

The one thing I made sure was NOT to grab each and every piece of literature that I saw. Last year I had a stack of stuff 3ft high by the end.

I did notice that not many booths had the card scanner. I had intended to use that as an excuse for not picking up their literature. But I still resisted grabbing as much as last year.

The one thing that ****ed me off was on Wednesday. We took our cards we got in the mail for the free meal to the concierge tent only to find out that they had been out of the vouchers since Monday. WTF? They send out 140,000 redemption cards, but only printed 30,000 vouchers. Bummer. Next year we'll hit their first, get the voucher and then hit the Venetian.

All-in-all, some parts were better than last year, some were worse. But regardless, we'll look forward to next year.
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