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Default The Perfect Vision is dead!

I got this message in my latest copy of The Perfect Vision.

Dear The Perfect Vision Readers,

The January 2008 issue will be the last issue of The Perfect Vision. As you may have noticed, we have been transitioning The Perfect Vision from a home theater magazine to a more comprehensive consumer electronics magazine. The response has been encouraging from both readers and advertisers. As our reader base has grown, we've realized that most consumers are interested both in home theater equipment and in the movies and music that the equipment is meant to optimize.

To maximize our coverage of the world of home entertainment, The Perfect Vision will merge with Playback, our newest online magazine, which offers extensive music and movie reviews, as well as reviews of home audio and theater equipment.

I'm surprised with the rapid growth of Home Theater that they are stopping publishing, I guess the market was getting saturated with magazines like Home Theater, Widescreen Review, Electronic House & others.

While I like 2 channel audio I have never been a big fan of "The Absolute Sound".
The whole magazine reminds me of those snooty high end stores.
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