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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Ken Graffeo's comments about "overwhelming support" have already been debunked by multiple other sources who talked with the same retails who all said the same consistent message: they want one format, and they're thrilled that now the end is in sight with BD the clear choice for consumers. That includes Target, Best-Buy, Circuit City, and Warlmat, to name a few.

Ken's spinning the dust from the fallout the best that he can to save face and preserve some time to come up with a graceful exit-strategy for HD DVD. And he has ever right to. But it's time for the HD DVD enthusiast community to see reality on these points and not fall prey to the FUD spin that tries to pretend that there's really a future for HD DVD going forward.

Well all that has happened right now is the death of HD-DVD software sales while BD sales did "ok."

If Toshiba is fighting this out they better do something soon. Paramount is not going to sit and wait much longer.
All sources are saying that Paramount wants to go blu and soon (even leaks no the HD DVD side are pointing to this), and is in a holding pattern with Universal in order to maximize their bargining power with the BDA as well as to give Toshiba a chance to clear player stock from store shelves, as well as to clear out some HD DVD software inventory. Were Paramount or Universal (it would only take one) to announce BD production, HD DVD player and software sales would grind to a hault (HD DVD discounted players might still be purchased as upconverting DVD players since they would cost no more).

Toshiba has begged Universal and Paramount to hold on a little longer to give them time to move merchandise off the store shelves before the consumer and retail industry drop them entirely. It seems a good strategy to take and I have no problem with Paramount and Universal stalling their BD announcements a while to give Toshiba a chance to recover what they can before HD DVD can no longer be marketed under any guise.
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