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Default Re: CES Trade Show Disappoints On All Fronts

It sounds like you are all in favor of a split.
When the video game industry split from CES for E3 it was a huge success (too good as it turned out!), do you think Home Theater should split off into it's own show or maybe audio & home theater?

I do agree these shows should be trade & media only, E3 hurt itself by letting almost anyone in & the costs for the companies got way out of hand leading to the new format "E For All" that is much smaller.

Home Theater is huge now & could easily have a stand alone show & that would make it easier for media to see everything they want to report on & not have to "skip a few rooms" to see just the big boys when the next big thing could be sitting in one of those bypassed rooms.

I myself have never been to one of there mega shows but when I'm shopping for new gear (when am I not! LOL) I depend on the people from sites like this to give me the information I need in the rapidly changing world of Home theater & audio.
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