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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Funny, when I was speaking to the head of Digital Playground the other day and discussing downloading in full 1080p as the future, his point was exactly that, the added cost of using all that bandwidth! This is why Apple is charging more for them, and right now at least is the limiting factor holding the idea back.

To effectively get 1080p downloads we need a leap in bandwidth, good thing they are soon laying fiber optic cable in my neighborhood!!!
AT&T is getting ready to run fiber in my neighborhood also. That will be sweet! I also believe that the cable companies will jump on this faster than the internet providers - Mediacom is already doing VIP service (video,internet, and phone) HD on-demand is the only thing left to do (I love my Starz HD that I get with just the basic HD package let alone the other HD channels). That's very convienient. Originally I though that they wouldn't allow me to record the HD movies to my HDD but I was wrong. It's just wonderful!
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