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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Thanks for the clarification.

I think (and I'm prepared for hate mail) that the AppleTV represents a stronger value proposition even in the face of non 1080p support at the present time then most of today's high def disc spinners for it is far more versatile and allows users to digitally catalog their SD disc collection for convenient playback at a price far more affordable then say Kaleidoscape or even a mass DVD changer.

The conversation then turns to disc space which is far more affordable then most high end players and something that represents a larger, more long term investment for we always need more space on our computers, whereas my High Def VHS player is now a boat anchor in my garage.
I'm not originally an Apple fan, but I'm quickly becoming one - no hate mail from me I'm in agreement with you (this coming from a pc type guy)!
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