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Default Re: CES Trade Show Disappoints On All Fronts

While I never made it to CES in those bygone days Jerry speaks of, I too feel it is just to big to manage. Moving at what we thought was a quick pace Andrew Robinson and I barely completed the two main floors in the Venetian and that was with bypassing many rooms along the way. Forget about the Center and South halls!

Jerry is again spot on about the relevance, just go to the center hall and find someone other than an information drone there, hell, many of them weren't even that well informed of they're products at the larger booths.

I too prefer the cozy nature of CEDIA and feel CES has become more for showing off to the media than serving the industry, at CEDIA I can walk into the Krell booth and talk with Dan D'Agostino or visit Meridian and ask Bob Stuart for his thought on HD DVD. While we did get similar contact at many of the Venetian rooms, finding relevant people like these in the larger convention center displays just didn't seem realistic. I think even if Panasonic's reps were there, by the time you navigated around that massive display and found them, your day would be over.

I look forward to CEDIA, and dread CES...... Both are fun in their own way, but I feel CES has grown to Trantorian proportions and is doomed to fail if it doesn't size down or split up as Jerry says to make it more relevant.
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