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Default Re: CES Trade Show Disappoints On All Fronts

Well said Jerry....

Even thought my main focus at CES is meeting with computer OEMs, I spend weeks fine tuning my schedule so that my meetings are all in the Central hall on day one, The South hall on day two - off site meetings on day three and try to sneak in a few minutes at the hotel from hell know as the Venetian to sneak in a few peaks at the Audio gear.

At the end of the 4 days I managed to weave my way through the tangled mess of people to meet with all my vendors and the only things I got to see were what ever was in the path between them. And having to pay a limo an outrageous amount to get me from point a to point b in time for a meeting was INFURIATING!

Between the cost of the rooms and the ridiculous amounts of time spent getting between meetings, the enjoyment of CES is long gone.
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