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Default Re: CES Trade Show Disappoints On All Fronts

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The fact that CES is broken is obvious to all who were in attendance, and the effect of such a large show is far-reaching. CES sets up a year's worth of products, sales and trends. CES used to be about writing orders, building industry excitement as well as forging new relationships. Today's CES is about long waits and logistics. Today's CES, is about walking into a multi-million dollar booth and not meeting anybody of significance. Today's CES is about disorganization, and because of these factors, the specialty home theater business has been, and will continue, to suffer.

The competing CEDIA tradeshow has its advantages and disadvantages over CES.

With CES totaling 140,000 attendees, the logistics are nightmarish, and hotel prices are sky high compared to normal weekday rates.

Unfortunately, when people ask me "what did you see at CES that really impressed you this year?" the best answer I can come up with is, "the size of the line for the monorail."

by: Jerry Del Colliano
I HATE CES. It's a stupid over-crowded event. By the time you get to the booth you're interested in chances are extremely high that anyone worth a damn to talk to for that company has run off to hide from the 139,500 people they aren't there to see.

CEDIA on the other hand is much easier to move around. You also can run into just about anyone at a booth. At the Martin Logan booth it is not uncommon to see "Ty Webb," there for instance. You rarely have to deal with PR people and can talk directly to the President of most companies.

CEDIA also allows for much better auditioning of equipment in some circumstances.

In fact I can't think of a bad thing about CEDIA in comparison.

Vegas has its share of shows. CES is my least favorite. I've always been a fan of ShoWest for instance. That Event is a lot easier to navigate and again it's fairly easy to talk to the people you need to talk to.

CEDIA has the plus that it's for CEDIA members and store owners only. It's not open to the public (although some get in but not a lot).
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