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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I don't see it starting a new format war since most folks will be able to take advantage of this feature with zero cost to them, at least those using a computer for viewing. An AppleTV will run you $230.00 for viewing on another TV. It's still not 1080 but the writing is on the wall. Hard to call it a format since we all own computers. It may end a format war for people will see the value in this new service. I see it hurting Netflix and the like more at this stage then HD DVD or Blu-ray, but I could be wrong. When they take the handcuffs off the ownership and allow for straight purchase of HD titles then my friend it may be game over or game on...
This is what I've been waiting for!!!! I've long said, like Kennyt that this was coming, and as I told many nay sayers - its coming sooner than you think! I'm not at 1080p(native) on my projector....yet. But for right now 720p is good enough for me! Prerich signing off - as far as this HTPC'r is concerned - game over!
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