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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

both formats are a great way of watching your favorite movies and the improvement over standard dvd is undeniable, that being said i'd have to say kudos to toshiba for coming to market with a great product from the begining and offering everything they said they would have. It show that the company did their reserch and wasn't just making it up as they go along. I have both hd dvd and blu-ray so don't think for one minute that I favor one format over the least not by much. sony would have us think that you need 50 gigs on a disc to fit hd video and audio when that just isn't the case at all, eg. batman begins, 300, troy, all off these discs have a dolby tru hd track and 1080p video and from the professional reviews i've read they look identical in both formats with the exception of batman begins(which is only available on hd dvd) I also have 300 in both formats and I can confirm this for 300. everyone wants to have hi def content and hd dvd is the cheapest way to do that without breaking the bank, not to mention first gen hd dvd players can play back content that third gen players can, the same can't be said for blu-ray with the exception of the ps3. Don't get me wrong I think that blu ray is a great format and I have some of the best disney movies in my library to prove it. It's just that I continually hear people make the point about disc space and as far as hd dvd is concerned they have all the space they need for hi def video and audio.
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