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Default The Simpsons Movie

I simply can NOT believe I made it through the film.

What a POS.

The first part is an Itchy and Scratchy (WAY COOL) intro but designed to fit on a 4:3 screen. What the hell is that? It was SO LAME, I actually restarted the movie to see if I did something wrong. I didn't. Fox just was being cute.

I miss Conan. His leaving was when they jumped the shark.

Spider Pig isn't a funny enough joke. The environment is an IMPORTANT topic - NOT a funny one when you consider what REAL (not animated) Republicans and Baby Boomers have done to the planet Earth. Its just NOT a funny premise and I am LIBERAL - AND a Simpsons fan.

Save yourself the pain. Its not worth Netflix.

Jerry Del Colliano
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