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Default Re: Zappa plays Zappa

Thanks for letting me know about the Dweezil DVD. Even without hearing it, I'm sure it will be as true to life as Dweezil can make it. FZ was one of my earliest rock stars and album purchases, and I hated to lose him. Name the genre, and he had something to add (and something to say about it). Let's be Frank--I've heard Dweezil shut up and play his guitar, and he's quite good, but he's not the master. He may admit that, and good for him. That would make him his father's son. In the early 70's (real early) I had the good fortune of attending a Mother's concert outside of Baltimore, MD, at an old, shut-down segregated beach pavilion called, as I remember it, the Great McGonigle Seaside Park. I own a lot of Zappa concert disks, but I haven't come across any from that brilliant evening. I'm fairly sure I saw it being recorded. By itself it wouldn't have no boss, and if it isn't distributed, it's everyone's loss.
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