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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I still have two pairs of JSE's from the early eighties, a pair of Model 1's and 1.8's, both in Oak, I had planned to find another model 1 or maybe even .5 and make a kick a$$ HT out of them but have never done it yet. The last 0.5's I saw selling were going for more than what I paid for my 1.0's new.

These are great speakers and with enough power can really jam, it's for this reason, and that the 1's were the first really high end speakers I ever owned that they are still with me now, though currently not in use.
Good to know! I hope you can find your missing link.

What people are starting to do with the Snell original E and the type II - converting them to Audio Note AN-E's. The box type of the Original E and the AN-E are identical -the only difference between the AN-E and the Type E-II is the rear tweeter and people are just disconnecting it and trading out the woofer, crossover and main tweeter. I've though about doing this myself but it will be a long project.
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