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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
That was all due to the WB announcement.

BD has always owned CES. This year they paid $500M in advertising and BD50 subsidation for it.

This was a good move because otherwise it would have been the biggest CES ever for HD-DVD. They did a good job of stopping the momentum. They kind of had to.

In the begining BD had 90% of the DVD market releasing on BD. Then it dropped to 70%. Meanwhile HD-DVD always had around 45%. Now it's 70% to 25%.

Before the month is over it will be either 95% to 25% or 60% to 35%.

Today from "rumors," in LA it's looking like 60% to 35% and a BIG studio looking at going neutral if that happens. Meaning 60% to 50% which is no real edge at all.

Then the price factor kicks in.

In the console war when it looked like MS would never amount to much they went and BOUGHT studios. Not as in "paid for exclusives," but bought the studio itself. Just as Sony did with Columbia.

Are these real rumors floating around or is this just wild speculation?? Is the HD dvd group trying hard to pull over more content providers?? could uni and para be waiting to see what toshiba does and if it can lure in another studio before they make up their mind on their stances and thats why they have not released any new info on titles?
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