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Default Re: Paradigm Reference Studio 100v4, CC-690, Studio ADP 570 & Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Re

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
These are what I'm saving my $$$$ for as my next set of speakers!
That is the exact setup I want except I'll be keeping my Paradigm PDR 12 subwoofer & saving $2500.

That put's them at a much more realistic price of aprox $4900.
That's still a lot of $$$$ on a Firefighters salary but Paradigm is known for giving it's customers the most bang for the buck!

Most the reviews I've read say these are as good as speakers costing 3-4 times as much, bang for the buck indeed.
Hey glad to know that you are a Firefighter. I've sold many a ps1000 ps1200 PDR 8/10/12's in my life, but if you are going all out - sell your pdr12 and go for the servo 15 with the x30 crossover - you won't regret it. As I've stated before I use to have a little coinage at one time in my life (military and working part time in high-end audio custom sales). One of our brands was Paradigm. I love the brand and the sound of the speakers. The servo 15 is one of the best subs that I've ever heard - I'd put it against any Velodyne no problem. Good taste Moose.
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