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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Yeah, not too much has been announced recently, other than claims of HD-DVD's impending doom. Have seen alot of reports of store clerks and such, suggesting people not buy HD-DVD though. Interesting that Toshiba's slashed the prices again on their players, by which I mean, won't they really turn off a huge amount of consumers if HD-DVD does tank? Sure, they may've gotten their player from a gumball machine at that point, but it's still a relative waste of money (provided HD-DVD does indeed tank).
HD DVD players also play and upconvert DVDs. Not to mention that even if HD DVD tanks (which it will), there will still be plenty of titles exclusive to HD DVD for some time.

If you're paying $150 for an HD DVD player that does all that, what's there to complain about? That's the price of a good upconverting DVD player!
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