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Default Re: Good point about confusion

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I agree with you on the confusion front as it took 9 cables to hook up a DVD-Audio or SACD player which was a joke. The player was 10x more expensive than a mainstream machine and was a total pain to hook up, needed $2,000 (min) of extra gear and there were basically no meaningful titles to lure people in.

Now with Blu-ray picking up steam and HDMI passing uncompressed audio AND video on one cable - would you consider looking at buying albums again on BR if they were high res, with cool video goodies and easy to play back in stereo OR surround in high res?
Unfortunately the masses "think" MP3 is good quality, and it seems everyone is into the convenience of downloads and ripping. Most of these types think my modest red book system, with a perpetual technologies upsampler into an Anthem pre/pro and good amps and speakers is "king of the hill". As much as I would love a great unified hi rez audio format to catch on and deliver mass variety of titles, I just don't think it will ever happen.

I read your BlueRay/HD DVD format war post Jerry and I agree with you. With HD movie downloads just around the corner, they are fighting a battle on numerous fronts. The fact that the public will gravitate to this delivery channel, only reinforces the convenience factor. How about a Hi rez audio downloadable product? Never happen, the music labels lost their opportunity on this one in the infancy with their closed minded approach, reminds me of the initial attitude of the studios to the Betamax "smiles".

I'd love a high end audio product to catch on and become the universallly accepted standard, resulting in a wealth of available titles....... just don't see it happening. Wish me wrong!!!

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