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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
No I don't "get the picture that your seeing" because I'm not blinded by the red lenses you seem to be wearing!
Toshiba has the "Microsoft-ish" monopoly on players because no one else wanted to deal with the fire sale prices.
Blu-Ray has several manufactures building players & they can all build them to whatever specs they like.
Excuse me but you can't truly say that I'm wearing "red lenses" because I would be saying this even if HD-DVD was totally dead and gone (not just on life support - does that sound like a red fanboy?)

I'm saying that Sony wants PS3 to truly be the only BD player in town and build it's own monopoly in the image of Microsoft (Sony really needs the money and PS3 can give it to them.

In the PC world we have some open source rebels and thats what the other CE's will become - open source rebels - but Blu-ray will only dance perfectly with PS3. I love HD-DVD and Blu-ray - they are both terrific (as I state I own both formats and my favorite movies are Disney - Blu-ray only - I just wanted to get into the formats cheaply and my mission was accomplished that's another reason I built it around a PC - it takes a monopoly to know one, PDVD Ultra updates have solved all my BD viewing problems). I just feel sorry for everyone else that may get into Blu through a means other than PS3 and find that their hard spent (big blu) dollars will become obsolete - forcing you to buy a what???! PS3 - because it works. Monopoly - check-your move - its not mate...yet.

Its a business and believe it or not every business would like to have a "legal monopoly" it's the holy grail - one thing to rule them all! What would really drive Sony crazy would be a 325.00 upgraded Nintendo Wii with built in BD player! I'm not against Blu-ray and you can call my lenses purple or 3d if you please (one's blue the other is red). I just know a plot when I see one. I spent 12 years of my life performing Military analysis, looking at patterns - I did the same in Law Enforcement, I do the same thing now in the IT field. Patterns can be deceptive but lets just call it what it could be. I use qualifiers such as possible, probable, and is - and Sony's patterns fit the probable catagory.

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