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Default Re: Music in surround leaving people wanting more?

I think that the public is so confused and bored and tired with most of it . The last go-round dvd-a v. dts v. sacd v. dual disc etc on and on it goes. Like i have said before , there are alot of people making money selling audio junk and sound to a very uneducated public . So why would the industry even want to try to make something right. They know people will buy it or buy into it . Its like downloaded bad quality itunes trash. i was glad to see the Stones and Bob Dylan , The Band , just to name a few that got good re-releases in DVD-A or SACD , 5.1 sound. One of the other problems going on now is , if the public is so uneducated on Surround Sound . What is going to be the bolt of lightning to wake them up ? Rip the ipod/SonyWalkman ( same thing ) out of their iphone grabbing hands? Explain to them what all those plugs in the back of those HDTVs and computers are really for ? BROADCAST THE SUPERBOWL IN THE SURROUND CHANNELS ONLY AND THE CENTER CHANNEL IN SOME MAGIC TONGUE THAT NO ONE REALLY KNOWS IN THE WORLD. AND RUN A DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN , " THIS BROADCAST IS ONLY IN 5.1 OR MORE CHANNELS ". I HEARD IT MIGHT BE TIME FOR MORE BEATLES ALBUMS IN SURRUOND , THAT ALWAYS GETS MY INTEREST UP . LUKE
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