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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

It seems with the new pricing of hddvd players they are going after exactly that, the dvd crowd. Bluray players are all back up to $399 at retailers. Add nothing but Twin Disc TL releases from Paramount and Universal on all new releases with no dvd available hddvd will naturally work it's way into American homes.

Warners answer was the recession was causing a decline in movie sales. So you think placing your bets on a gaming console will fix that? Or a player that can't access the special features because there are 3 player profiles to choose from. Maybe they will bypass this altogether and download an HD movie from itunes for $3.99, no BS its coming soon.

Right about now I see Toshibas pricing as perfect and the potential drop of all hddvd movie titles by $5 as Lotus stated makes far more sense than a Fox Bluray with no extras for $40 and an overpriced incompliant player to boot at $399 to $999.
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