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Default Re: Toshiba Deploys New Marketing Initiatives Based On Strong Fourth Quarter Unit Sal

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Actually Samsung 1200 is $229 but the $399 solution is Profile 2.0 upgradable.
The $149 solution is for something that may have no support in 6 months.
The Samsung 1200 is $229 at MSRP? Do you have a link? Is this a discontinued model? I'm not comparing an A1 or A2 discontinued model and neither should you.

Also, the A3 is $149 MSRP, but is available for $129 through select online retailers.

The lowest price Blu-ray player at Best Buy is $399 (with 5 movies). The lowest price HD DVD player at Best Buy is $149 (with 7 free movies).

You are correct about the $149 solution possibly not having support in 6 months. Isnít that a shame? Already nearly 1 million people have chosen HD DVD and now at $149, high-def is within many peopleís price range and the studios are turning their back on this market.
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