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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
With Sony - the ends justifies the means, Get PS3's in houses (use blu-ray to do it). To date, the PS3 is the best selling BD player. What does that say for the other CE's - not many sells - because of PS3. You may have been an avid gamer, but , like you said, and like I'm saying -Sony's marketing plan was brilliant - a master stroke! I will add other descriptions such as ruthless, quick, and deadly. Sony didn't have to woo its gamers, but non gamers - thats an issue. regardless of the means - PS3's wound up in houses to play BD when they could have built cheaper standalones to start. This is crazy I tell you - crazy!
I still don't see the problem, Sony is in business to make money & they came up with a great plan, it's not like they are actively trying to destroy their competition like some companies have (Microsoft).
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