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Default Re: PS3 Conspiracy theory

What you need to remember is first & foremost the PS3 is a true next generation gaming system, that requires tremendous horsepower under the hood.
Look at the top gaming PC's, they cost upwards of $5000 for the fastest processors with the best graphics cards & their video isn't much better than the PS3's.
Take Folding@Home as an example, it uses all of the PS3's computing power & does so without melting the PS3 (There is a reason there is no Folding@Home option on the Xbox!) it also does the folding much faster than my Quad core desktop can.
Games are a moving target so being able to upgrade was not a luxury like it is on Blu-Ray players.
Sony stated the PS3 would have a 10 year life span, that would be impossible without upgrades.

Now, I gave $600 for my launch PS3, according to many sources Sony lost $250 on every PS3 sold so there has not yet been a profit margin on the PS3.
The $399 price point is a relatively new one introduced around the Xmas season.
Sony hoped for the profits to be made up by software sales, both Games & Blu-Ray movies.

"Pioneer, Samsung, LG, and others that support BD" knew this going in & also know that soon the standalones would be cheaper than the PS3 & that they had better audio & video quality.
When the format matures the standalones won't have any problems lowering the price & have better quality.

You can hardly fault Sony for taking a big gamble that turned in to a brillant marketing move that may well have won the format war for Blu-Ray.

I will probably spend more than the $399 PS3 when I get my standalone because I'll be looking for the best quality at that point.
The PS3 Was just a starting point that got me interested in Blu-Ray, not the final destination.
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