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Cool PS3 Conspiracy theory

As I look at the format war, I'm begining to see a trend. This trend seems to be that the PS3 is the only Blu-ray player that does exactly what its supposed to do and cost 399.00 at its lowest point. I'm not including HD-DVD in this because right now that point is mute. I'm talking about competition between other BD players. A chilling announcement was made that some current BD players will not be able to be upgraded to profile 2.0, but PS3 is able to receive all of its firmware updates in a timely and unabtrusive manner. This makes the Sony PS3 the BD player of choice. What's evil about this? They force the customers hand to purchase a PS3 when a well developed, cheaper, standalone could be made available, but this would cut into the PS3's profit margin - wouldn't it? Sony makes the bdp-300 which cost as much as a PS3, but the PS3 plays games, does this and that - so the consumer buys the PS3 because its a better value (not knowing that the bdp just has an inflated price - it could be sold for $210 to $250 easy).

My question is this - Is this format war really about HD-DVD against Blu-Ray and getting one format? Of is this war about PS3 against the world - getting one machine for everything? It appears that Blu-ray has won the war but HD-DVD wont die quietly, but if it does - who will be the next piece of comptetition...DVD? DVD is a mature format and clearly saturated in the market. DVD will see its death soon enough. The PS3 is the genocidal maniac of the Blu-ray world. It will turn on all other BD players after its major enemys are a new born scorpion...under foot!

The next attack Blu-ray (with trojan PS3) will wage is against the likes of it's CE supporters - Sony will attack Pioneer, Samsung, LG, and others that support BD. The point will be this - they can play blu-ray but they have problems - The PS3 doesn't. People thought that the Blu-ray player was the enemy but no - its just the trojan horse that carries the PS3. guys are brilliant - better than Jimmy Neutron and Thomas
Edison rolled into one! I'm wondering has anyone else out there thought of this as an interesting issue. I may be wrong but.... I actually enjoy Blu-ray, but its likely conclusion bears questioning.
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