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Default Re: Hard Drive Failures Cause Home Theater Hatred

This is why, if you're going to install a Media Center PC other HTPC device, you incorporate network attached storage running automatic backup software. The Niveus storage server comes with really good software that will automatically back up everything based on schedules you can set. The new Windows Home Server will also do a fantastic job of backing up all of the digital content in your home.

It's no different than backing up your digital pictures or finacial files - all digital content in the home should be backed up on a regular basis. To blame the Media Center of HTPC device for failing and losing all of your data is silly when an extra step could have prevented it. Look - if your home PC failed and lost your data because you didn't back it up you wouldn't suddenly come to the conclusion that a PC (or a MAC for that matter) just doesn't belong in your home. The same is true of a PC-based device running your media system.

I can't speak for TiVo - personally I had one for a month and hated it. The TV guide plus all of the other features on my Niveus Media Center detroys even the new HD TiVo. But I'm biased...
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