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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well I don't know about the other players but the PlayStation 3 was released as a Profile 1.0 player & it has recently been upgraded to profile 1.1 & we have been told (at CES) that it will also get the upgrade to profile 2.0.

I would assume the other players that have ethernet ports can be upgraded too but I can't confirm that.

If you want to get into Blu-ray do what I did & get a Playststion3 & wait till the standalones have all the features you want before getting one.
Moose, not meaning to be mean - but this is exactly what I'm talking about. Sony has the deck stacked - not for Blu-ray - but for the PS3. I look at the boards at and everyone there beleives that to support blu-ray - you must support the PS3. That's one of the major things that turns me off at times. I'm glad that my htpc blu-ray will be 2.0 compliant via Cyberlink - but Cyberlink dumbs down the audio - intentionally (still satisfied with it). The more I see it - this war is about making the PS3 the end all product - with Blu-ray being just a helpless pawn. Blu-ray is great - if it wasn't I wouldn't own it - but the push for people to buy a gaming console just to play movies - that's devious.
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