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Default LCD VsDLP projectors

I was talking to a coworker yesterday and he told me that he went with a projector for his HTS(Home Theater System). he compared prices for plasmas and the projector w/ a screen and said the projector was a better value. Which got me thinking and researching projectors and screens. For the money it seems that a projector would give me a bigger picture. But,what I don't get is the difference between LCD and DLP projectors? what are the pros and cons of both, LCD vs DLP? what does it mean when a projector has one or three chips? Which gives a better picture? Is there a screen that is better with one and not the other? How much can screens go for? Do I need to get the projector calibrated? Is that something I can do myself? is that something that should be done by a pro/the store tech that I buy the projector from? Should I expect to pay for the calibration or is done free since I bought said projector? If I have to pay for calibration, how much can I expect to pay? does it need calibration every time I change the bulb? Can I change the bulb myself or is that something that should be left to a pro's? Sorry for so many ?'s. thanks
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