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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
No, Moose, I think Hollywood would want to sell you the RIGHT to watch the film, and that would need to stay with you, all this ties into some of the newer high tech security systems my flight to Vegas neighbor was telling me his one company does. FWIW the chipsets are already in many computers (all Macs and others...) waiting for initiation and use.

Yes, this is big brother watching, and I too like the hard media, but if I could pay $10 for Christmas Vacation and stream it each and every year after, that is worth it to me!

That is what I think we are heading to..... I could be wrong....
No - you are right - that's where we are heading - and yes Big Brother is watching - and what better way to watch than have a choke collar around your neck called a network connection . As long as you obey the rules - you're ok, and like you, I wouldn't mine as long as I had the rights on my machine.
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