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Cool Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
OK you buy a movie in 1080p HD with True HD audio & all the extras & you stream it & watch it, what now?
How long are you going to keep it on your DVR's hard drive, it's over 40G after all, are you going to get a 100 terabyte hard drive to store all of your HD movies?
Well actually you'll need two 100 terabyte hard drives so you can back them up in case your computer crashes.
That will work for you but 95% of the people don't have a computer hooked to the home theater so they will need to start deleting movies off of the DVR's drive when they want another movie.

I like discs, I want to be able to watch a movie I buy more than once, I want to be able to take it to a friends house & play it when we are checking out his home theater.
I'm sure all these problems will be worked out one day but right now I want my HDM in a disc & I want to be able to watch any movie I want on 1 format.
I have had "Open Season" on my drive now for over 4 months - in HD no less ! You are making some of the same justifications that HD-DVD people make when comparing it to Blu-ray - it makes more sense when the shoe is on the other foot. Everybody doens't have a blu-ray drive but most people have a computer - and if media can be streamed directly to it? No HDCP issues due to the VGA port which is capable of HD resolutions in the analog realm - even 1080p. Let them activate the ICT feature - it will be cracked in a week and we would still have full resolution through the analog realm. This would be Blu-ray's worst nightmare - I for one, if Comcast was available in my area instead of Mediacom, would be all over a vudu box right now! I would sell pieces of my system to get one if I had to. Yes, computers crash but BD has software and hardware problems also. I have several other HD movies saved on my 120gb hdd, but when I get tired of them - I delete them. The only movies that I consistantly watch are Disney movies. Wait till you're able to put serveral movies on a 1 tb solid state drive (40 to 80 gb drives alread exist). Soon the computer will be reduced to a shell that you plug your Solid State drive in, it will automatically detect all drivers (I can see Apple doing this before MS) and you will have all your data with you wherever you go - including O/S. This would be hot! I believe the one format will be digital - but not on a disc. Just as we are going to a papeless society - how long did you think it would take for media to follow the same path? That boy on the playground is getting ready to challange MJ ... and it looks like he might forgo college and go straight to the pros.
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