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Default Re: Toshiba Deploys New Marketing Initiatives Based On Strong Fourth Quarter Unit Sal

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
Look, I admit that on its own, this move is likely not going to be enough to overcome Blu-rayís overwhelming studio support.

This is a good and very necessary first step by Toshiba. The next step is to go hard at additional studio support (which Lotus seems to think they are doing). If they can get one or two more studios to start supporting HD DVD, then the game changes dramatically. If not, then $150 for a good up-converting player and seven free movies isnít the end of the world for most people anyway.

Letís see how it plays out.
I just don't understand how this can attract a studio, they say they sell more standalones already but have lost every week in software sales for over a year now.
Even after the $99 sale they still couldn't sell more movies than Blu-Ray did.
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