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Default Re: Toshiba Deploys New Marketing Initiatives Based On Strong Fourth Quarter Unit Sal

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
Show me where I can get a blu-ray player for a little more than $100 over the cost of a $150 HD DVD player. The lowest I can find is $346 for a BDP-S300 on Amazon, which is more than double the price and nearly $200 more.
Originally Posted by merv46 View Post
aah well do a google search or pricegraber and you can see a samsung 1200 for $229 or a 1400 starting at $249. I know bb had a player for around $280 not to long ago, not sure if thats still going on or not. My point is spend a little more even if you have to save for an extra month or two and get a player that might just have new software available longer than a few months or a year. I can not honestly direct anyone I know to buy one of these players knowing that the format's time is near the end. I have both a tosh hd dvd player and a panny bd player, I hate to see hd dvd die out but one format would be better for all, imo.
And the $149 player is only 1080i so you should compare the $199 HD-A30, with 1080p output & that makes it a $30 difference with the 1200.
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