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Question Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

I have said all along, that this war is not good. But, no one agreed with me, and said I should just ante up, and buy a player. As far as where we are now, the fact that people who bought Toshiba players, now have to go out and by another player is crazy. And, more expensive, bad again. I keep saying, most people want to watch a movie, see a great picture, get great sound, and that is it.

Now, theyhave all this to deal with. Will HD growth be affected, I don`t really know. But, maybe slowed a little. I know what though, if tv content was really good, people would hesitate buying players, and just watch on satelitte and cable, order movies on demand, and record them to their HD DVRs. But, no one wins here at all. Its a big mess, and rather than continuing to argue about these two formats that should have never been, what damage will be done now to the marketplace, when the word finally gets out to the masses?????
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