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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Yea law suits, you sell 100,000 HD-DVD players at a fire sale & then they find out they can't buy any movies for them in a couple of months someone will try to sue them, and if you don't think that's true your living in a dream world.
Sure. What would be their case? Right. What lawyer would take that up? Also in what world will there be no movies in a couple of months? It's 5 months for Warners and last I checked they weren't the only studio out there.

Because they see their investment circling the drain?
Hmmmm... they were offered the Recordable Media Market. Sony flat out said they would stop all BD-R production and GIVE THEM the recordable media market. Samsung and others were convinced it was going to happen to the point they talked about it!

So they obviously have something else up their sleeves. I know you're a PS3 man and thus blue all through but perhaps they have a strategy?

That sounds like they paid them to say what they wanted to hear because that's just wrong!
Well then if anyone is suing anyone it's the HD DVD PRG vs the research group they hired! It's obviously not wrong. It actually makes some sense. You see most people KNEW about the High Def formats and were mad that Studios weren't supporting both. Because it was labelled by the media as a WAR where one side may lose the majority refused to buy. However of those polled who were waiting the MAJORITY said if they were to buy it would be HD-DVD. It's likely the name and nothing more, but it was their answer. Then again maybe it was their answer because it was cheaper who knows.

What I do know is that most people I talk to don't like that Studios are trying to make their decision for them.

With no format war & HDTV's selling better all the time HDM sales will increase with no war.
Sure. However lets be honest if there was no war and there was just a HD-DVD solution where both techs had been combined (think BD 2.0) then right now you'd likely have one with about 3M to 5M stand alone players sold. Because of the war you have less than half that combined. The war has left a bad taste in peoples mouths. If HD-DVD took the recordable media market and went home it will still take likely 6 months at least for the public to start buying like it never happened. However that research group found out otherwise. This could be because HD-DVD did well enough to get in enough homes that somebody knows somebody that got "screwed," by the war. That does leave a bad taste in peoples mouths.

Plus BD is still priced about $200 too high for mass consumer consumption.

First off most consumers could care less about HDM Because there is a war going on once the war is over the majority of people will start to get interested.
No, they will win there is a clear choice for a safe investment PLUS the right cost. With 2.0 players having an undisclosed price point (because they figure they can ask for MORE if HD-DVD is dead) we have no idea how soon that will be.

that is pure crap!
The only good thing is for the war to be over.
Not true at all. If HD-DVD announced they were going to take the recordable media offer and back out then the new players would all have $600+ price points for 2.0 units, and the others would get priced at $399 to $499.

However with HD-DVD announcing a $199 1080p unit then BD can't afford to have 2.0 units at $600+. They're going to have to price aggressively.

That is a good thing Moose. If HD-DVD grabs a 3rd Studio it prolongs the "war," long enough for likely both to survive. Then you don't have anyone getting screwed.

The real truth is that if any Studio flat out said "We promise to release to X format for the next 7 years no matter what," that format would see an increase in sales.
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