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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

I didn't call you stupid.

If Blu-ray won, why is Toshiba fighting? There's no fight to win, they're just trying to be a spoiler then right?

There are more reasons to get Blu-ray over studio support. The fact that there is over 80% of the CE industry supporting Blu-ray helps as well, compared to a handful for HD DVD. See, consumers do like choice, they want to decide between Panasonic, Sony, Philips, LG, etc instead of having to buy a Toshiba.

Anecdotal comments don't' really matter. I could say all my friends only want one format and none of them are fanatical and that doesn't mean I'm right and you're wrong, so that's a little arrogant to think you have the pulse on the consumer and nobody else does. But the mother wants to buy a movie for her kid in college - what format does she pick? She has to call and find out which one he has first? People want one format, didn't Betamax/VHS tell anyone the consumer wants one? Haven't the polls and sales proven this.

Polls don't mean a lot either. You can phrase questions certain ways and get different results. Who was supposed to win New Hampshire again? Apparently Warner's polls showed differently than Toshiba's.

Toshiba is also ridiculously disillusioned to think they're the only company that knows what consumers want. They talk like they're the only company in the world that is doing what the consumers want. That's BS. They're trying to maintain DVD revenues which is why they forced HD DVD into the DVD Forum even though the majority of DVD Forum members thought the DVD Forum shouldn't cover a blue laser format. They refused to vote on it so Toshiba changed the rules to get it through.

The majority of HDTV owners think DVD is high-def. The polls might make people pick HD DVD thinking it's an unconverting DVD player (some DVD players even promote themselves as having an HD-quality picture with "HD" on their box). But most importantly, the majority of high-def owners who have bought into high-def have bought into Blu-ray. That's more important than these nameless polls you apparently have that nobody else has seen.
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