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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

You're not making a lot of sense, Lotus. If people are more interested in HD DVD than Blu-ray, why have Blu-ray players been outselling HD DVD players?

It's nonsensical and delusional to think that the collective consumer wants to buy up HD DVD but won't because Blu-ray exists but they won't buy up Blu-ray because they simply don't want that format. It's ridiculous, and frankly stupid.

When you have the entire industry promoting one format, that format has more right and ability to succeed than the rebel underdog who only has one tactic - lowball prices.

Why would anyone lose interest in high-def media if there was one clear choice? I will use your language to say this idea is "absurd."

The fact that the Studios are coming together to support one format isn't confusing the customer and turning them off, ti was that they couldn't decide on one format in the beginning that has turned the customers off. The only consumers they're turning off are those that bought into HD DVD already, which is a small number - definitely smaller than Blu-ray. If they waited any longer they would have turned off more people, so they had to act now. They couldn't wait out another holiday season because then it would be twice the number, but with one format you will have much faster growth of Blu-ray sales, and those numbers were growing faster than HD DVD anyway.

I really don't ask for much, just logical arguments.
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