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Default Re: Warner Pulls Support For HD DVD and Backs Blu-ray

That's just absurd people! Law suits!?!?

Toshiba just decided to fight. Why?

Toshiba is doing what was asked of them by Universal and Paramount.

Plus they are going all out after two studios and I mean all out.

*IF* they get the third studio they expect to join HD-DVD it will also kick in the HD-DVD software sales drop of $5 on all titles that was supposed to be announced at CES.

The research group they hired basically said that if HD DVD does die from the war, then consumers ARE GOING TO LOSE INTEREST IN ADOPTING HDM!!!!

That's right lose interest. The WAR was between Studios and it really has hurt the market. Most consumers are extremely put off by it. WB was right in thinking that the war was hurting adaptation. What they didn't figure is that by choosing the BD side it would hurt growth too.

The problem appears to be that most people were going to invest into HD-DVD. So the fact that the CHEAPER solution lost because of STUDIOS has put a lot off.

Combine it with the WGA strike and consumers right now are not happy with Studios. They don't have their TV and now being forced to buy a more expensive HDM alternative due to Studio support.

It's not good and they're going to fight.

If they grab a 3rd studio also look for MS to make big 360 announcements.

If you ask me, if they grab a 3rd studio it's a GOOD thing. The lower priced players and lower priced software may well force BD to get a little more competitive.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one at CES that was put off by Panasonic and others implying their 2.0 players may cost more $$$$$$ because HD DVD would be dead.
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