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Default Re: Looking For Blu Ray player purchase advice

Originally Posted by CliffH View Post
I read a disturbing post on a message board from CES. They were interviewing someone from the group that establishes the specifications for blu-ray players. He was stating that most of the current players that are spec 1.0 or 1.1 will not be upgradable to the new 2.0 spec that includes ( Bonus Play and other features).
Well I don't know about the other players but the PlayStation 3 was released as a Profile 1.0 player & it has recently been upgraded to profile 1.1 & we have been told (at CES) that it will also get the upgrade to profile 2.0.

I would assume the other players that have ethernet ports can be upgraded too but I can't confirm that.

If you want to get into Blu-ray do what I did & get a Playststion3 & wait till the standalones have all the features you want before getting one.
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