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Default Re: Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma

Just a quick update............

The problem just kept getting worse so I called Circuit City with whom I had an extended warranty. They hooked me up with a local TV repair shop. The guy came over to the house and was suprised with what he saw.
He told me that the model I had, had a board in it that failed because of heat. They took the TV away and called me 2 days later.
Seems the board did not fix the issue entirely and it needs a new display! The CC warranty is thru GE Capital and I am waiting for them to call me with an "RA" number so I can go to CC and get a new TV.
BTW...................for those wondering, the TV had very minor burn-in issues after a little over a year. You had to put up a gray screen to see the sidebars they were so faint. The tech told me to run a white screen one day a month and even that would go away! So this situation had no connections with burn-in.....................just my luck I bought a Friday afternoon TV..............LOL
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