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Angry Stop forcing consumers to watch DVD previews !

Over the holidays was at families and watched a few DVD's on their fairly new Sony Blu-ray player.
Some were rentals, and some purchased. Beside the odd rental with peanut butter on it, and one that looked fine but wouldn't play at all; the others popped up right away and then proceeded to FORCE us to sit thru their freakin previews. One I swear was pracitically ten minutes or better !
Trying fast forward or scan of course popped up "prohibited at this time".

I know this is a minor intrusion....but if I bought that disc I would be pretty ****ed off.
(and can't be returned except for exchange)
I'm sure other producers are considering, or have, commercials too, for that extra bit of revenue.

How can consumers force the manufacturers to :
a) make the previews/header fast forwardable.
b) indicate on the DVD case how long the preview/header is, and if it can be skipped.
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