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Default Re: Basic Room Acoustics - Need advice - Please help

Originally Posted by esolecky View Post
Here is some pictures of the room - appreciate your feedback - sliding door on the left. Carpet on the floors, closets on the right, open in the rear. One picture is looking from the speakers to the back of the room into the kitchen which is open to this room. I sit in an equilateral triangle formed by the speakers, toed in.

I have been playing with the tweeter level switch on the Revels - right now I have it at +1 dB to see if that helps.
I take it you've messed with the angles on the toe in...

If possible move the EQ rack to the right of your right speaker and move that closer to the TV. Then adjust the angle of the toe in to where you think it may sound better.

Try that and let us know if it helps with the dynamics at all.

If not a sliding curtain could be an answer (hard to tell if it's possible) if acceptable to the spouse.
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